Good , I am a frontend web developer in Tulsa, OK. I like to work with React, VueJS, and TypeScript. I have experience developing lambda functions, and really like serverless architecture. My DB experience is mostly NoSQL (DynamoDB & FireStore).

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React Toast Component

I love toast notifications. Simple, unobtrusive, and useful. In this post I am going to show you how to create a simple toast component and implement it with React Hooks.

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Moov Financial

On October 5th 2020, I started at Moov Financial as a senior frontend engineer. Moov started as an open source project for NACHA file creation and validation for ACH. I love being part of a company that is contributing to the open source community, and building amazing banking software

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This New Site

My old personal site was quite old, and needed a refresh. It was also on a PHP based CMS, and I am intentionally out of the PHP game. So I decided to build a new site from the ground up as an exercise. Tech stack: Next.js(React), TypeScript, Firebase auth, Firestore DB, SCSS, and Vercel SSR hosting.

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Noiiice Blog CMS

Noiiice is an open source blog platform built with the Serverless framework, NuxtJS, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway, S3, and Cognito. The serverless architecture provides fast performance, virtually infinite scalability, and very cheap to operate.

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Udon Project Management

Udon is a project management and time tracking system built on Vue.js and Firebase. This is an open source tool geared towards small agencies that need to keep track of multiple projects. It is a light weight web based tool to keep project info, documents, and comunication in one place.

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