This New Site

My old personal site was quite old, and needed a refresh. It was also on a PHP based CMS, and I am intentionally out of the PHP game. So I decided to build a new site from the ground up as an exercise. I recently built a blog platform in Nuxt(Vue) with an all AWS serverless backend, and that was a pretty cool project, so I thought about using that. I decided to go this route so I could get more React experience. I built a few things with React at the last company I worked for, but my day job is 100% Angular right now. I want to make sure I stay up to speed on the tech I like.

Project deets

  • Next.js (React Framework)
  • Firebase Authentication
  • TypeScript
  • FireStore DB (for comments)
  • SCSS
  • Vercel SSR hosted

The code is open source in GitHub, so feel free to check it out. You will need a Firebase project to handle auth and comments. The project README walks you through the steps of setting up the environment variables.


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